November 2013


The Annual Giving campaign this year comes at a significant time – we are entering a new phase in our growth as a congregation. Our beloved rector, Bill Harper, will retire in the spring of 2015. We now have the opportunity to listen, dream and prepare for the next stage of our shared life together at Grace.

We have a challenge before us. In the next year we'd like to keep doing all the things that make Grace Church such a spiritually vital place. In addition, we must begin to plan financially for the transition in 2015. And we need to undertake some critical investments - one being adding health insurance coverage for Bill, another being taking care of our building and grounds. Meeting these and other obligations will require an additional $50,000 in pledge income for 2014. We recognize that this is a big step; and yet, we have a recommended budget that we believe is tailored to current needs and goals.

Pledging is a significant step towards increasing your involvement as a member. It's the act of estimating, or promising, what you will donate to Grace in the next year. Your pledge commitment allows us to make an effective budget.

Yes, the budget matters, and there is a story there. But in the end, it's the opportunity to share abundantly, give exuberantly, and live joyfully, that enriches each of us.

We need and value your support. Please join us!

Mary Kay Dolejsi
Senior Warden

Jenny Lange
Junior Warden

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