We are ALL Grace.

Grace is US. More than anything, it's who we are as individuals, as families, as a community. It's what we do – here and out in the world. As a church, we sing life's wonderful hymn and strive to "build a house where love can dwell, where ... all are welcome." Grace is Inclusion. This place and what we create is open to all.

The worship we share, the programs we sponsor, the outreach we support, the art, the music, the events, and the lives we humbly celebrate, all embody who we are as a people. We care about others, we commit to being generous for the benefit of all. We are confident that 2015 will be an auspicious year, as we search and find our new rector. Even though we know this is a time of real change, we face the future with optimism and deep faith that Grace Abides.

As always, your financial support is essential.

And it's easy to do: First, complete the confidential online pledge form here.

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A Letter from the Wardens

November 2014


Our Annual Giving campaign truly moves Grace forward, in the present and into the future. When people step forward with their financial support, we experience the rich abundance that is Grace "Doing God's work in the world."

The Vestry has proposed a draft budget that will allow us to retain Eric Mason in the position of Associate Priest, at the completion of our Diocesan grant. This is an exciting and strategic opportunity for Grace, since the Associate Priest will provide needed stability during our upcoming rector transition. Other initiatives of the draft budget can be seen in the brochure, the pie chart, and the Proposed Draft Budget available through the link above.

Your participation is more than just dollars pledged: it's a tangible sign of commitment that says that you are an abiding part of Grace. In fact, it's not about the building or the rector -- we are ALL Grace.

Contact the Annual Giving co-Chairs, Carlene Lenard (carlene.leonard@msn.com) or Deborah Schenk (deborah.schenk@nyu.edu), or the Trustee for Development, Daphne Davies (daphnehdavies@msn.com) with any questions.

Please review the campaign materials and consider how you can help Grace. And please give as generously as you can, when you pledge now for 2015.

Jenny Lange

Krista Webb

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