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Conversation to Care for Creation meets on the first Sunday of every month during coffee hour after the 9:30 service.

Many of us struggle with how to respond to our chaotic and rapidly changing world. Perhaps the most important thing we can do right away is “rethink everything.” Those are simple, but challenging words, and it’s always easier to face such challenges when we do it together! Come join us to examine assumptions, address fears and uncertainties, identify the cultural story that no longer works, and perhaps, explore the nature of trust, truth, loss, hope, love

When we share from our hearts, we find it easier to make changes that Care for Creation.

Please join us on first Sundays. Everyone welcome. No preparation required! As Steven Charleston writes In Ladder to the Light: Our wisdom is not in what we know but in what we wonder. (p 90)

Let’s grow our wisdom AND our actions by WONDERING together!