We gather in person for Holy Eucharist at Grace Church on Sundays at 8:00 & 9:30a.m., and also offer online participation at the 9:30a.m. service.

Worship at Grace

Grace Church loves to gather each week and celebrate God’s blessings in worship. Our two Sunday morning liturgies are an intentional mix of contemporary language and ancient scripture, collects, Prayers of the People, thoughtful poetry, Eucharistic prayers new and old, and an eclectic mix of music. Services follow the familiar structure of Rite II found in the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer, but are published in a service bulletin each week to allow for flexibility in language and the inclusion of content not found in the BCP.

Theologically, we believe that Grace is a school for souls. We deepen and strengthen our faith by exploring a variety of liturgical traditions, sharing our questions and beliefs with others, and thus striving as a community to explore our faith in God through Sunday worship, Adult Faith Formation, and education for children and youth. 

“I chose Grace for its flexibility, its openness to new, non-prescribed services and events; for its music from many sources, determined by those who are playing or singing. Grace has a friendliness and an acceptance of lay leadership. It is a place where the congregation can create equally with the clergy and staff…”

Our tradition at Grace is that the sacrament of Holy Communion is available to anyone who wishes to receive, offered as a gift from God rather than being tied to membership or doctrine. A cherished part of each Sunday service is a period of post-communion stillness that some parishioners claim is the only quiet time they get all week. To create space and time for reflection and meditation, we use a singing bowl to signal stillness for a minute or two.