Lay Leadership

Ours is an active congregation. Two Wardens oversee two governing boards: a Vestry that shepherds our direction and resources, and a Program Ministry Council (the PMC) that plans, manages, and coordinates the program year.

The Vestry consists of the Rector, Wardens, Treasurer, and Trustees for Stewardship, Human Resources, Place for Grace (building and grounds), and Leadership. The Vestry also includes two Trustees-at-Large, who represent the membership as a whole.

The Program Ministry Council consists of the Rector, Wardens, lay leaders of Adult Faith Formation, Parish Life, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Membership, and Home Groups, and staff leaders of Music and Arts, Children and Families, Youth, and Administration.

To contact any member of Grace's Lay Leadership team, visit our online directory.


  • Senior Warden – Heather Paar
  • Junior Warden – Tom RIngo
  • Clerk – Anne Kundtz
  • Stewardship – Tootie Kuhn
  • Finance – Deborah Schenk
  • Place for Grace – Dan Rohan
  • Trustee for Human Resources – Mary Ellen de la Peña
  • Trustee-at-Large – Krista Webb
  • Trustee-at-Large – Erica Moen

Program Ministry Council

  • Adult Faith Formation – Florrie Munat, Kim Cockroft (staff)
  • Earth & Spirit – Marcy Lagerloef, John Kydd, Deborah Milton, Nancy Peregrine
  • Home Groups – Jeff Bassette
  • Membership – Liz Powell
  • Outreach – Cindy Logan & Kathleen Abell
  • Parish Life – Rachel Brandt, Rachel Yobs
  • Pastoral Care – Rhonda Peacock and Shannon Moore
  • Youth and Families – Melissa Meyers, Kim Cockroft (staff)