Inclusion | We believe that God values and unconditionally loves all people. We strive to reach out with the openness and love of Jesus, to enter more deeply into a community in which all are beloved and included. We welcome and give thanks for all who wish to share God’s table.

Service | We believe in a shared ministry in which clergy and laity serve and lead together. We look on our church body as extended family, and we accept the responsibility and welcome the privilege of sharing our gifts, resources, and lives with each other, our larger community, and the world.

Discovery | We believe in a living faith. We are willing to try new things and consider new thoughts to innovate on the tradition we have received. We want to strengthen our relationship to God, both as individuals and as a community. We embrace the challenge and gift of change, understanding that we are called to live faithfully in our own time and place, trusting and remaining open to God¹s future for us.

Gratitude | We believe in the fundamental goodness of creation and the blessing of life. With grateful hearts, we commit ourselves to praising God, to conserving the natural world, and to experiencing the beauty and simplicity of creation at Grace and in our daily relationships.