Adult Faith Formation

Under the guidance of clergy and program staff, and with active leadership from our community, we offer a wide range of programs carefully designed and implemented to engage our hearts, minds, and spirits. Book groups, scriptural studies, poetry as prayer studies, women’s conversation circles, and our men’s group meet regularly. In addition, there are many distinct programs where we look to the greater communities to support our learning. For example, Grace participated in the Diocesan Sacred Ground Dialogue groups, with more than sixty members of our parish embarking on this rigorous racial justice study in 2021. 

Faith Formation often joins other ministries like Pastoral Care to offer a more practical series of sessions on End of Life Care or programs that support and honor caregivers in our midst. Other creative inter-ministry programs like Gleaning Meaning from a Worldwide Pandemic paired Faith Formation with Spiritual Discernment Ministry. Specific programs also include facilitators of all ages, such as the high school seniors who led our Racial Justice in America film study last year.

Each year, our rector and director of faith formation partner to design seasonal programs such as Lenten and Advent evenings and gatherings. We welcome all members of the parish as well as the community to these topical and engaging studies.

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