Home Groups

Home Groups are one of the foundational ministries of Grace Church. Over 200 people are actively involved in seven different groups. Home Groups are communities of 25-35 adults (including their children) that are designed to provide a home base, and for many a starting point, into the shared life and ministry of Grace Church.

Each group has its own slightly distinctive focus (e.g., families with children, or folks living in a certain geographical area). Every Home Group, however, is built on the same three purposes:

Sharing our lives in fellowship and discovery.

Supporting each other and our community in times of need, and

Serving together on Sundays

We Share Our Lives—Group members laugh, learn, and eat together. Many groups are geographical in focus, making it easier for neighbors to build relationships and experience the joy of a spiritual family.

We Support One Another—Life hits all of us hard at one time or another. Group members care for one another in many ways, offering meals, rides, an encouraging word, or even financial help at times.

We Serve Together—On a rotating basis, groups support our Sunday morning worship service in a variety of ways—serving as greeters, readers, and hosting a marvelous coffee hour after worship.

If you’re interested in learning more, or possibly connecting with a Home Group, contact Jeff Bassette, our Home Group Minister.


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