Grace Episcopal Church has a rich history of an innovative music culture. Honoring the liturgical traditions of sacred music, passed down through generations, our music also embraces the voices of contemporary music and musicians with influences outside of the Church. Grace Church is blessed with musicians that have offered their talents and compositions over the years and we carry that tradition forward with a sense of collaboration and inclusion in our liturgical music. Ultimately, our focus is on providing a musical experience that is Biblical in nature while celebrating how music in all facets affect our spiritual journey with Christ!

Music Circle

The Grace Music Circle is composed of musicians and vocalists of many generations. All skill levels and abilities are welcome to join and participate. The Music Circle rehearses every other Thursday at 7pm and each Sunday morning at 8:50am. Bring your ideas and enthusiasm and be ready to collaborate on what's next in music at Grace Church!

Choral Ensemble

A new ministry at Grace Episcopal Church. Independent of the Music Circle which provides weekly liturgical music, the Ensemble will provide pre-rehearsed harmonies to add a choral element to the liturgical experience at Grace Church. Rehearsals will be every other Thursday at 6pm for one hour. Please check the Grace Church calendar for our schedule.


Grace Episcopal Church provides recordings each week of our 9:30 liturgy. Volunteers are welcome and requested! No previous knowledge is necessary and training will be provided. Participants can host our weekly “zoom” videos, run our camera system, or participate by working with our Music Circle by running our sound system. Again, previous knowledge isn't necessary. Don't let that be a deterrent and come be part of the team!