Prayer Shawls

Knitting into the Mystery

Sometimes, we all need some comfort. If you're sick, if you break something (even a little toe!), start a new job, move to a new home, have a new baby, or become a grandparent, a hand-knitted garment, in all its beauty, can become an outward physical sign of unseen prayers, offered by all of us.

Grace's Ministry of Prayer Shawls is a happy one. We invite you to share your need, and then choose a prayer shawl to suit it.

A prayer shawl could be for you or for someone you know and care about, wherever they live. They do not have to be a part of Grace – our prayer shawls have traveled to homes all over the country, where they are cherished for their comfort, for the prayers they bring, and the joy they impart.

All shawls receive a beautiful hand-crafted, personal label and then are blessed on the altar during the Sunday or Wednesday service.

To give or receive a prayer shawl, contact Beulah Downing:

Photo by Ronda Broatch