Grace Prayer List

When Prayers are Needed

“How do I put someone on the Prayer List?”

This question is asked often, and the answer is, “It’s simple!”
And it is simple. But there are options!

Option 1: Online Prayer List

Grace sends out a prayer list via email once or twice per week, compiled by Anne Kundtz. In addition to sharing the prayer requests which have been submitted, Anne thoughtfully adds words from poems, scripture, and spiritually inspiring prose.

If you would like to request prayers for you or someone you know, or to receive a twice-weekly prayer list, please send a request to the writers of the Online Prayer List to

In general, requests received by Tuesday will be published on Wednesday and requests received by Friday will be published on Saturday.

We encourage you to keep your request brief, no more than four sentences. We will include your full name as the person requesting prayers. We welcome requests for people both in and outside the Grace community. If requesting prayers for a person or persons other than yourself, please ask them for permission to add them to the prayer list.

If you prefer, you may email the Grace Office.

Option 2: Sunday Prayer List

First names on the Grace online prayer list are also read aloud during Prayers of the People at both Sunday services. After three weeks, names for “long-term” prayers are printed in the Sunday bulletin, and will stay in the bulletin for as long as you wish.

If you have a “last-minute” request, you may send prayer requests for yourself or someone you know to Ruth Blaney, who maintains the Sunday Prayer List

Again, if you are requesting prayers for someone else, please ask them personally if they would like to be added to the Grace Prayer List before submitting your request.

Option 3: Pastoral Care Team Confidential Prayer List

You may send prayer requests for yourself or someone you know to any member of the Pastoral Care Leadership Team to be added to their confidential prayer list.

The Pastoral Care Leadership Team maintains a Confidential Prayer List for those who prefer not to be named more publicly online or at Sunday worship. This list is read monthly at Pastoral Care Team meetings, and may also be included in members’ personal prayers.

Current members of the Pastoral Care team are:

Rev. Eric Mason, Rector
Anthony Lewis
Shannon Moore
Randy Otto
Rhonda Peacock
Jim Quitsland